Security is a serious issue that we sometimes ignore until it’s too late. In today’s society, there is an increased need for provision of standard security systems, be it residential or commercial buildings. The provision of an excellent security solution brings about peace of mind to both businesses and homes.

At Kannex technologies, we provide bespoke security solutions that meet your needs and budget ranging from stand-alone to multilayer security system integration. Also, we design, install and provide professional technical support and quality after sales support to our esteem clients. Security solution from Kannex Techologies is an ideal way to prevent theft, inventory loss and crime amongst others.

Our systems are based on the best the industry has to offer and are built to the highest standards and quality.

  1. CCTV Surveillance Systems
  2. Turnstiles
  3. Access Control Systems
  4. Time Attendance System
  5. RFID Lock Systems
  6. Burglar Alarm/intrusion Security Systems
  7. Perimeter Electric Fence